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Prevent Falls In the Bedroom – a check list

A few things you can do or add to your bedroom to reduce the risk of falling:

  • Make sure there is a nightstand next to your bed where you can put a lamp, set eyeglasses down and keep a cordless phone nearby.
  • Make sure there is a clear pathway from your bed to the bathroom and any scatter rugs have non-slip backing.
  • Use a step stool instead of a chair if you cannot reach an item you need. Chairs are unstable if you use them as a ladder, many step stools have handrails to help you stead yourself.
  • Don’t leave things on the floor where you can trip over them. If you cannot rearrange your furniture so that lamps and other electronics are near an outlet, make sure electrical cords are out of the walkway, against a wall or taped down.
Reduce your fall risk