Conditions We Treat

The following are conditions that cause dizziness and imbalance. At the Center for Balance Cincinnati, we treat these dizziness and imbalance symptoms. Click a condition to learn how we can help you.

Migraine-Associated Vertigo or Vestibular Migraine

Vestibular migraine is a disorder usually associated with headaches, and can cause several inner ear syndromes.

Vestibular migraines are very common, yet not often diagnosed. Several inner ear disorders are caused by migraines. Benign recurrent vertigo consisting of spells of dizziness, occasionally with tinnitus but without hearing loss.

In addition to the syndromes caused by migraine, several inner ear disorders have been linked to migraine. Studies show that people with migraines are much more likely than other people to experience severe motion sickness and may be more likely to suffer from Meniere’s disease or positional vertigo. Stress, anxiety, hypoglycemia, fluctuating estrogen, certain foods, smoking, and other factors can trigger migraines.